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The Northeast PHP Conference is a web developer conference focused on PHP, Web Technology, and UX.

There has been a lot of demand for such a conference in this region, and we are excited to be hosting it again. We are bringing in over 300 attendees from across the northeast and beyond.

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Speaker Spotlight: Ed Smith of Facebook

We are so pleased to have Mr. Ed Smith from Facebook come to talk at our conference. Here is a little bit about Ed and what he will be speaking on:

Ed has been Facebook's HHVM Tech Lead since 2013, after joining Facebook in 2012. Prior to Facebook, Edwin has been working on both traditional and just-in-time compilers for popular dynamically typed languages, including Javascript, Actionscript, and Flex, and ColdFusion.

Ed will be speaking about the HHVM JIT Compiler - There are about as many compilation strategies as there are PHP engines. The just-in-time (JIT) compiler inside Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM), an open-source virtual machine designed for executing programs written in PHP and Hack, has been evolving quickly in the last year or two. Come hear the latest on how it compiles your standard PHP to optimized X86-64 machine code. HHVM uses a three-stage approach including an interpreter, profiling mode, an optimized mode, and we're busy at work experimenting with LLVM.

Here are a few other items that Mr. Smith has been up to in recent months:

What's Facebook Been 'Hacking' On in Kendall Square?

HHVM Performance Status - Video


Frances Berriman on Civic Hacking

We are very excited to have Frances Berriman speak at our conference on civic hacking...

Her talk...

Revolutionising Capabilities in Civic Technology
Technology in governments has become a hot topic over the last couple of years, with some landmark projects moving the needle on what it looks like to create successful, useful, digital services for real people. Frances will talk about some of these projects, what it took to make them happen, and how civic-minded technologists and designers like you can use your skills for good.

Frances Berriman is a British developer who relocated from London to San Francisco in the summer of 2013, joining Code for America in January 2014. She previously worked as the front-end lead for GOV.UK, the UK Government Digital Service's award-winning flagship project that formed a key part of the digital strategy overhaul of services for citizens in the UK. She brings her expertise in this field to the tech team and as an advisor to the various CfA program participants.

Listen to an audio Podcast with Jen Kramer and France Berriman 

PHP + UX + WEB = The best $150 conference you will find!

The Northeast PHP Conference is a community conference intended for networking and collaboration in the developer community.

We are the only conference that teaches you all the skills you need to be a unicorn or ninja or samurai. 

Two days of talks on topics like: PHP, UX, Composer, Design, REST,Nodejs, Autoloading, JenkinsContinuous Integration, UsabilityHTML5, Architecture, CSS, APIDependency ManagementJavascript, Forms, Mobile, Agile, LaravelFrameworks, SOA, Collaboration, HHVMLegacy Code, Content StrategyRefactoringTeamwork, LeadershipNamespaces, Unit TestingCoding StandardsStrategies For SuccessSoft Skills,Management, Code Quality, IOTPHPUnit, XSS, Web Security, SecurityInternet Of Things, Cachegrind, Profiling,Xdebug, Object Oriented, Layout,All Levels, Visual Identity, and much more.


Speaker Spotlight: Bill Sanders

Bill Sanders is a Professor of Multimedia Web Design and Development at the University of Hartford. He teaches courses in PHP, MySQL, C#, SQL, HTML5, CSS, and ActionScript 3.0.

He  has published over 45 computer and computer-related books, written software ranging from Basic to Assembly Language to Flash Media Server and served as a consultant and beta tester for different computer software companies including Macromedia and Adobe. 

He loves PHP and he wants every developer to love OOP. He got into programing by accident while studying gangs as a sociologist/criminologist and learning about patterns by using state machines. Find out how...

>> Listen to the Audio interview with Bill Sanders

His talk... 


Shows how learning and using OOP programming in PHP will make you a more effective and efficient programmer and increase your job prospects. Many PHP programmers would like to learn object oriented programming (OOP) do not. This presentation shows that PHP is an OOP language and no more difficult to learn than sequential programming, it can be learned without stopping current programming practices, and is designed for practical tasks. 

Speaker Spotlight: Jonathan Klein

We are delighted to have Jonathan Klein join our conference for a third time to teach us new ways to do amazing new things with PHP.

Jonathan is is a Boston based software engineer at Etsy, where he focuses on solving web performance and scalability challenges. Prior to working at Etsy he spent almost four years at Wayfair, where he led the team that converted the primary tech stack to PHP/Lighttpd/FreeBSD. He started the Boston Web Performance Meetup Group, and he contributes to a few open source projects, including WebPagetest, the HTTPArchive and CSSLint. Jonathan blogs regularly at http://www.jonathanklein.net and can be found on Twitter at @jonathanklein.

>> Listen to the interview with Jonathan Klein (4 minutes)

His talk...

Composer: From Beginner to Expert

Composer might be the biggest step forward in PHP dependency management that we have ever seen. It is easy to use, powerful, and versatile. In this talk you will learn how to set up a new project, find packages, create your own package, and how to use composer to autoload your own custom code.

Meet Mike Stowe

Mike Stowe is a professional software engineer, PHP 5.3 Zend Certified, with over 10 years of PHP hacking experience. He is also a longtime supporter of Northeast PHP and we are delighted to have him back a third time.

Michael Bourque got a chance to interview him to learn about why he insists on "API first" which is how to test your API before writing one line of code!

Mikes talk will be...

API First: Design First, Prototype First with RAML

API dev today is code first and design later. In this session we'll take a look at how to test your API before writing one line of code!

The greatest challenge in software development is designing for longevity, especially when your application is being used by thousands of other developers and needs to remain backwards compatible. In this session we'll take a look at building a solid REST API with a quick overview of what it means to be REST, best practices, and how to use RAML to build a prototype of your API that can be critically reviewed by your developers before ever writing one line of code. We'll wrap up showing how the same RAML you wrote for designing your API works to keep your documentation up to date and provides even more powerful tools to get developers using your API right away.

>> Listen to the Interview with Mike Stowe (5 minutes) 

Meet Steve Krug (Don't Make Me Think)

We are delighted to have Steve Krug present our first keynote!

Steve is a superhero, author, information architect, and user experience professional. He is best known for his book Don't Make Me Think, which has now been revisited. It is about human-computer interaction and web usability.

Steve's talk will be:

You're NOT doing usability testing? Are you… nuts?
Anyone who’s tried doing it can tell you that usability testing is the best way--by far--to ensure that what you build (whether it's a web site, a mobile app, desktop software, a CMS, or anything else) is as good as it can be. But most people still think that usability testing is complicated, costly, and time consuming.

That can be true if you hire someone to do it for you. But Steve Krug will show you that you can--and should--be doing it yourself, and that DIY testing is simple, inexpensive, fast, and most of all, effective.

Based on the method he described in his second book, Rocket Surgery Made Easy, Steve's presentation will include a live usability test so you can see just how simple it can be.

>> Learn more about Steve Krug

Interview with Steve Krug

Jen Kramer, our User Experience track manager, interviews Steve Krug. They discuss the bad old days of the web, responsive design and mobile sites, and how Steve became a PC guy (and how Jen moved to the Mac).

Listen to the podcast! (47 minutes)


Mark your calendars...

The dates for the third annual Northeast PHP conference will be September 6 & 7th. 

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